Andreas GIERSTORFER (Germany)


« I am a DJ for 20 years, taking everything from big festivals to small intimate milongas as a unique challenge.

The best moments are when my music enchants the dancers, so that the entire dance floor moves as one. The golden era makes me want to dance most strongly, but I also love the early 30s, the 50s have some fantastic music, and modern orchestras are developing more and more their own distinct danceable style. For me the necessary beat and rhythm should be accompanied by a beautiful melody. »

David MANCINI (Italy)

« Influencing the emotions of the crowd with a single finger – the Tango DJ seems to have almost divine powers!

I started to listen Tango music with my uncle when I was eight years old. The passion for the research and collecting came later in the beginning of my twenties. And it wasn´t until some years later that the strong addiction for the dance arrived as well.

Tango is a fundamental component of my everyday life; it is my profession, it is part of my DNA, food for my spirit and soul. Every time I am DJing, it is a different story. The challenge is following and leading the emotions of the ronda, in order to generate the perfect energy flow. »

Guillermo MONTI (Argentina)

« Born in Buenos Aires I grew up with Tango and since 2012 I am living in Berlin and Buenos Aires. As a DJ, whether I am playing digital music or original vinyls, it is very important to me that the dancers can hear the best possible quality of music. Currently, I am DJ’ing in local milongas in Berlin and Buenos Aires and I am travelling a lot through Europe for festivals and marathons like “EL Fuego” and “El Navegador” in Warsaw, “Marathon de Oro”, Krakow, “Festivalito de Verano” in Iasi Romania, “Tango Story” in Timisoara Romania, “Encuentro Portenio” Amsterdam, “Milonga Ideal” Moscu and many more.

Tango is a feeling, it´s passion, it´s desire, nostalgia, happiness, sadness, it´s a poem. This is how the tango is like, this is how Buenos Aires is, this is how I am. »

Claudia GAERTNER (Germany)

« Tango and tango music, the passion of my life, has accompanied me for almost 20 years now. Discovered late in my life, she intoxicated and delighted me all the more. So tango with its music has become a vocation and I enjoy my tango school and my milongas and festivals in Freiburg, but of course also far beyond the borders of it.

As a tango DJ, I do more than ever to give the dancers happy, emotional and unforgettable hours. I succeed in this with varied and atmospheric tandas, which let you experience an arc of tension in yourself and throughout the evening and like to capture, support and enliven the mood of the evening. »

André Phil. BELTZUNG (France)

As a Tango DJ, André has been on the road for more than ten years in Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Poland, Switzerland, … at Festivals and also Major Milongas and has been dancing since 2000. He was guitarist for many years in jazz and world music. He is also on the initiative of the first Tango Marathon in Colmar.

« As a DJ, I obviously try to catch the mood of the moment by observing the dancers and translating this feedback into the Tanda. Diversity and changing impulses are the key words. I like to think of colors and shapes like when you paint an image. You start at a certain point and let it evolve. Maybe you are telling a story, maybe you are abstract, but the most important thing is that you express something through the music you play and make people dance! »